"The Ghisone Estate has produced oil and wine for over the last century. Presently Ghisone Estate produces oil and wine following the old Tuscan farming traditons.
The farm lies in the Tuscan hills. It’s close to Montespertoli, the “Wine town”.
The San Giovese, Cabernet, Trebbiano and Canaiolo grapes grow in vines which are cultivated in a 11.000 sqm land.
Expert people choose grapes from the vines. That’s why our wine is excellent. Its taste, its smell, its fragrance are unique and unforgetable.
The olives grow in a 3.500 sqm lot of land.
Oil is produced by the “cold-squeezing” . The tecnique which exalts the quality of the olives.
Recent, farming metods have been adapted to anable them to have bio-products, which assures our clients of the quality of our products."




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